Communication is our most important asset. Body language speaks louder than we sometimes realize. How to use language in a targeted manner and how to recognize that you have achieved your goals.

Our promise

Whether customer conversations, important meetings or difficult confrontational topics – we give you broad knowledge and support in better communication.


We for you

Wergiew Trainings trains companies, managers and entrepreneurs through individual or team coaching. We cordially invite all those who deal with communication in everyday life or at work, as our seminars are open to all professions.

Depending on the seminar, external trainers will share their perspectives and
professional know-how with you. Recognize the importance of good communication, feel what it can spark and how easy it is to achieve your goals. Learn to listen carefully…


Instead of reacting to life, waiting for things and accepting situations, in the future you will anticipate and use new opportunities. You control your process creatively. This is how you get your creative power to flow. Without having to rely on outside help!
Together we raise your treasure chest of resources through professional individual counseling and coaching so that you can shape your life more proactively in the future.
You are the focus!

For individual advice, simply give us a call on +49 172 79 63 4666!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

* Billing on an hourly basis, €93.75 plus statutory 19% VAT


Marita Bestvater

Job.N from Münster Industrial clerk, trainer and coach, neurolinguistic programming expert of the German Association of Neurolinguistic Programming, trustee of the participation foundation “FREIE STIFTUNG.N sustainable in town and country”, process consultant unternehmensWERT:MENSCH plus.

Award for the Job.N project, sustainable* job development by the federal government, Council for Sustainable Development Quality Seal Workshop N 2016. *Sustainability means prosperity for everyone, but neither at the expense of other countries, other people and future generations, nor at the expense of the natural environment. In short: today not at the expense of tomorrow, here not at the expense of elsewhere. Guide to the German Sustainability Context – Council for SUSTAINABLE Development.

Marita Bestvater is the perfect addition to Wergiew Trainings. With us as a trio, you will experience, among other things, “Montegrotto” once a year or understanding customers.

Our seminares

Look forward to your annual support for newcomers and “old hands”!

3 modules of two days each of professional growth for entrepreneurs! Let your founding ideas grow, develop intelligent development strategies and reap your success.

• Maximum group size: 12 participants
• 2 trainers
• For entrepreneurs, start-ups and newcomers

• Dates:

30. June/01. July 2024

11./12. August 2024

12./13. October 2024

3rd module:

Your annual companion for entrepreneurs

Sow. Grow. Harvest. Your professional companion throughout the year.

• Maximum group size: 12 participants
• 2 trainers
• 3 modules of 2 days each
• Newcomers, founders, start-ups, entrepreneurs


Here you will find all seminars and new programs for Wergiew training in the of 2024 at a glance! We are happy to continue to support you with various financing options with up to 80% subsidy. Authorized continuing education provider for the German “Bildungsprämie” and authorized process consultant for the program „Unternehmenswert Mensch“.

We are happy to advise you individually.

Understanding customers. understanding myself

The better I understand my customers and can perceive what they really want, the more professional and easier my daily work becomes. Success guaranteed!

• Maximum group size: 12 participants
• 2 trainers
• 2 days
• For beginners + advanced levels


Time for myself. WORK and SPARE TIME in harmony 09/23/2024 – 09/28/2024. Recognizing, balancing and transforming stressful situations on the job. For an easier, relaxed and sustainable working life, that is to be filled with new positive resources.
Group size: max. 12 participants
Trainers: Marita Bestvater, Christoph and Stefanie Wergiew
Intended for whom? For entrepreneurs and for those who want to have TIME FOR THEMSELVES

Come with us on a journey, we are looking forward to getting to know you!