“Stagnation is regression.” A theme that governs every situation. At work or in
everyday life.
Through Wergiew Trainings, Christoph Wergiew and Stefanie Wergiew are freelance trainers for the hairdresser, executive, or those who want to become one.
Together, the couple has been running their own company with five other employees in Leipzig for more than 17 years. Consultation, customer wishes, insight and the individuality of the customer are not only part of the job, but a daily philosophy.
How does the hairdresser communicate correctly with the customer?
Which color would go best?
When do I use my knowledge portfolio in a targeted manner for customer
Who or what motivates me?
Everyday questions and situations that help you grow and increase professional competence.


Beginning with the absolute basics, through effective color techniques up to high-performance training with cut and color.


Whether it is making conversation with the customer, holding important meetings or tackling difficult confrontational topics – we provide you with broad knowledge and support in improving your communication skills.

Christoph Wergiew

Expert hairdresser, coach, certified executive coach & systemic team coach, CEE master coach of Coaching Experts Europe, and generally a “doer”

Nothing is impossible – Christoph is constantly motivated to experience something new and pass on his knowledge. Christoph Wergiew was born in Leipzig in 1979 and successfully runs an 8-person hairdressing company in the 4th generation in Leipzig.

As a freelancer, he runs trainings both in technical and communication skills nationwide and beyond Germany's borders and participates in well-known trade fairs such as Top Hair International. Christoph Wergiew works as an accredited Insights MDI Master, certified Practitioner & Master of the German Association for Neurolinguistic Programming and accredited process consultant for the EU program “unternehmensWERT:Mensch”. Christoph Wergiew has been working as a freelancer and head educator at Gieseke Cosmetic GmbH for the luxury brand LÁNZA since 2017.

Stefanie Wergiew

Hairdresser, consultant, designer, systemic consultant

Slow and steady wins the race. Those who are in a hurry should walk slowly. The perfect complement to her husband. Stefanie Wergiew has been working in the joint hairdressing company for over 16 years and is responsible for the entire color philosophy. Stefanie Wergiew was born in Leipzig in 1986, state-certified graphic design assistant as well as hairdresser, neurolinguistic programming coach of the German Association for Neurolinguistic Programming and systemic consultant withenergetic coach, freelancer and head educator for the luxury brand LÁNZA at Gieseke Cosmetic GmbH. In Wergiew Training, she is charge of the practical part.

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